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Jack Bispham     (Windsor Dog Show 04)
Bob Gregory     (Belfast Dog Show 04)
Sigurd Wilberg      (City of Birmingham 05)
Valerie Foss       (Richmond Dog Show 05)
Ferelith Somerfield        (Midland Counties 05)
Mr W Irving      (East of England 07)
Mr L Pinto Teixeira      (Welsh Kennel Club 07)

RESERVE Best in Shows under
Mike Stockman   (Leeds 04)
Valerie Foss    (Darlington 04)
Renee Sporre-Willes (Sweden)   (Leeds 06)
Geoff Corish    (Scottish Kennel Club 06)
Geir Flyckt-Pederson       (Midland Counties 07)
Maureen Micklethwaite        (WELKS 08)

Specialty Best in Shows (Breed Clubs)
John Cotrell     (Northumbria Poodle Club 03),
Ron McAuley       (Poodle Club of Scotland 04),
Ann Evans      (Trent To Tweed 04)   
Liz Cartledge     (Miniature Poodle Club (05)
Andrew Brace     (Poodle Club of Wales 05)
John Harry-Griffiths     (Eastern Counties 05)
Mavis Roberts         (Eastern Counties 06)
Irene Brough         (Midland Counties 07)
June Clark         (Poodle Club of Scotland 07)
Penny Jones       (Miniature Poodle Club 07)



Martin Freeman   (Darlington 03)
Keith Nathan   (BIS - British Utility Breeds 03)
Ken Sinclair   (Manchester 04)
Jean Lanning   (Border Union 04)
Claire Coxall   (Windsor 04)
Mike Stockman   (Leeds 04)
Jack Mitchell   (Darlington 04)
Ernie Patterson   (Belfast 04)
Ellis Hulme   (Border Union 05)
Jean Lanning   (Paignton 05)
Ken Sinclair   (Bournemouth 05)
Sigurd Wilberg   (City of Birmingham 05)
Jane Lilley   (Richmond 05)
Ferelith Somerfield   (Midland Counties 05)
Martin Freeman   (CRUFTS 2006)
Roy Metcalf   (Welks 06)
Renee Sporre-Willes (Sweden)   (Leeds 06)
Geoff Corish   (Scottish Kennel Club 06)
Stuart Mallard   (City of Birmingham 06)
Ferelith Somerfield   (East of England 07)
Mr L Pinto Teixeira      (Welsh Kennel Club 07)
Derek Smith       (Midland Counties 07)
Stuart Mallard    (Manchester 08)
Ellis Hulme    (Welks 08)
  Group 2 Wins under
Gerald Mitchell   (Richmond 03)
Brenda Bambury    (CRUFTS 04)
June Freeman    (Paignton 04),    
Terry Nethercott     (RBIS BUBA 04)
Bob Gregory    (CRUFTS 2005)    
Mr O Staunskjaer     (Windsor 05)
Ernie Patterson     (LKA 05)
Jim Outerside    (Welsh Kennel 06)
W MacKay    (Driffield 06),     
Jim Outerside   (Border Union 07)
Dan Ericsson     (Windsor 07) 
Roy Metcalf    (Leeds 07)
Frank Kane     (Bournemouth 07)
Andrew Brace     (SKC 07)
Bob Gregory     (Border Union 08)

Group 3 Wins under 
Terry Thorn   (Bath 04)
Terry Thorn    (Birmingham National 05)
Moa Persson  (Bath 06)
Albert Wright   (CRUFTS 2007)
Liz Cartledge   (Paignton 07)

Group 4 Wins under
Ann Arch     (Welsh Kennel 05)
Colin Reed    (Driffield 05)
Jean Lanning   (B.U.B.A 06)
Terry Thorn    (Birmingham National 07)

CC's Wins under
Jean Treagus, Ernie Patterson, Ellis Hulme, Angela Corish, Mrs Roberts, Dudley Barker, June Freeman, Julie Warnes, Judith Catlow, Norman Butcher, Val Beck, Eileen Neal, Angie Harry-Griffiths, Sue Kent, Albert Wight, Ann McConnell, Margery Cleaver, Bob Gregory, Marion Spavin, Philip Langdon, John Neal, Frank Kane, Adrian Perry-Coxall, Ann Kennedy, Mhari Aikman, Martin Freeman, Liz Cartledge, Claire Coxall, Val Wright, Charlie Gray, John Harry-Griffiths, Jane Lilley ,Alan Dredge, Ann Evans, Marlene Carter, Melva Nathan, Jan McLeod, Linda Baker-Barker, Lee Cox, Angela Corish, Barbara Cherry, Anita Bax, Chris Seidler, Terry Thorn, Jack Bispham, Patrick Holbourne, Jean Kitchener, Keith Nathan, Sharon Pine-Haynes, Diane Smith, Dorothy Dixon, Penny Jones, Peter Young, Margaret Watson, Michael Coad, Roger Stone, Marita Rogers, Nona Catterall, Karen Winwood, Andre Odell, Ann Bradley, Derek Smith, Rita Henshaw, Rob McLeod, Jim Outerside.

Reserve CC Wins under
Ann Evans (11 months), Judith Heron (12 months), Marlene Carter, Pamela Cross-Stern, Ann Rawlinson, Andre Odell, Liz Holmes-Leak, J Leivers, R Holmes, M Gee, J Shirley, M Levy, D Kitchener, Z Thorn-Andrews, T Nethercott, Anna Tornlov, Ann Saunders, Lynne Campbell, Sue Baker, Jean Lanning, Kim Sillito-Beale, Clare Parker.

RESERVE BEST PUPPY IN SHOW at B.U.B.A in December under Mr Albert Wight

RUNNER-UP at the Pet Plan Junior Stakes Overall Final in 2003 under judges Mrs L Cartledge, Mr L Page and Mr S Mallard

Winner of the Pedigree Champion Stakes Heat at Peterborough under Jack Bispham July 2004

RUNNER-UP at the Pedigree Champion Stakes Grand Finals held in 2005 under Mrs Liz Cartledge

RUNNER-UP at the Contest of Champions Showdogs in April 2006 under judges Lisebeth Mach, Norman Huibobro Corbet & Mr C Sudersan

Winner of the Pedigree Champion Stakes Heat at Bournemouth under Ferelith Somerfield Aug 2006


Winner of the Pedigree Veteran Stakes Heat
at the Ladies Kennel Club under Jenny Miller in Dec 2008

WINNER OF THE PEDIGREE VETERAN STAKES GRAND FINAL held in Jan 2009 under Anne MacDonald (pictured below)

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