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"what can I say of this dog that has not already been put in writing, the whole package you see stacked is what you get on the move, firm short body, beautiful head carriage, delightful eye & expression, well angulated, moved with great drive truly a great ambassador for the breed & a credit to the handler/owner"
Pat Davies - SKC Breed Judge
  "A pleasure to go over this famous dog about whom so much has been written and who has such an influence on the breed. Possesses a lovely head, with well-shaped dark eyes and good chin, fringed by thick leathers to produce a handsome expression which defies you to pass him by. Has excellent reach of neckset into well laid shoulders, straight front and well angulated rear. His short back enhances his shapewhile the muscle condition gives him a really sturdy body. All was covered by a wealth of thick crisp coat in full bloom expertly presented as always with not a hair out of place. He powered round the ring with plenty of drive in a free flowing action yet retaining his outline. His ring present and overall complete picture means he demands attention just giving him the edge over the others. Was thrilled to award him his 50th CC and later his continued showmanship earned him BOB. I was delighted to watch him win Group 3 later in the day"
Diane Smith - Crufts 2007
"The first paragraph of the breed standard says it all. Well balance, elegant looking with very proud carriage. He did not put a foot wrong. Coping with the less than ideal conditions. His movement impressed not just sound but that extra ingredient free and light yet has plenty of drive. CC & BOB"
Ann Bradley - Bournemouth Breed Judge
  "G3 was a great favourite of mine. Our paths first crossed when I made him RBPIS at BUBA ch show to the chow. Subequently he was my BOB winner when I judged the breed at Crufts. For me he is one of the very best Miniature Poodles we have had in the last 20 years. Classic head, eyes and ears with a glorious expression. That elegant head carriage, the correct front and ribcage, the fast disappearing Poodle 'dip', well muscled hindquarters and driving action. His young handler always has her charge in such fantastic coat and shape and he is most certainly a big ring dog.... he is one of this country's best showdogs"
Albert Wight - Crufts Group Judge 2007
"When I last judged Mins at Windsor in 2001, I gave a first CC & BOB to a super young dog Minarets Spirit of the Dance, today I gave his superstar son his 49th CC, he & Melanie are so at one with each other they are magical to watch. He is certainly the best Poodle I have judged & rightly deserves his place among the greats. I would say the dog in a lifetime but Melanie is so young I have the feeling she could do it again. BIS"
Sharon Pine-Haynes - Midland Counties Poodle Club Dog Judge
  "The Winner was the very elegant Miniature Poodle, one I have placed at the top before and whenever I have seen him he never seems to have a bad day. Full of quality and breed type, first class body shape and in lovely coat and condition. Presented as always, in first class order, moves as one with his very talented handler"
Jack Bispham - Pedigree Champion Stakes Finals Judge 2007
"Into reserve I decided on the black Min Poodle. It is not a secret how much I like this dog and for me will go down as one of the greats in the breed. If anyone needs to know what a Poodle head looks like then look at this dog. It is long clean in backskull, well chiselled correct shaped eye giving that distinct poodley look and he has a chin too. Add all this to his short backed long necked body and his coat is as crisp as you will get plus presented and handled as we have come to expect from his talented owner/handler"
Geoff Corish - SKC BIS Judge 2006
  "This black is quite outstanding viewed from all angles, especially on the move where he really excels, super presentation and coat, glorious head, eyes, ears and neck, straight front, ideal body, depth of chest, ribcage and topline, sound well angulated quarters, low hocks"
Terry Thorn - Welsh Kennel Breed Judge 2006
"I have admired him from ringside for several years. It was a great pleasure to go over him and he is as lovely in make as he is in shape and movement with a truly lovely expression and as cream on the icing he has excellent coat texture"
Renee Sporre-Willes - Leeds Group & BIS Judge 2006
  "What a pleasure to be able to judge this great dog, whom I have always admired. So much has been said about him, mostly reciting the breed standard, which he closely fits. At 4 he has kept the sparkle of youth and always gives a great performance. What I love about him, is his true Poodle type without any exaggeration, giving him complete balance. He is not just a pretty boy either. His Son gave him a close run for the ticket and his young daughter won the Bitch CC.
CC & BOB and really sparkled to win the Utility Group"

Chris Seidler - Leeds Breed Judge 2006
"A dog of outstanding quality, dark almond shaped eye that gives him that lovely correct Poodle expression, dense well tailored coat, short backed, super topline both when stood and on the move, he took complete control of the ring at all times, expertly presented, a great credit to his owner"
Martin Freeman - CRUFTS GROUP JUDGE 2006
  "It will come as no suprise that I liked this famous dog, has his faults as they all do but he will and should be remembered as one of the greats in Min Poodles, today, he is in a class of his own and on this form can not be beaten, presented to perfection by one of the most talented of our youngsters, she is unassuming but handles him beautifully and what's more you can see that he adores her, the breed's future is safe in the hands of the likes of Melanie Harwood! Head and expression are textbook with that look so typical of good Poodles, long neck sits well on a very well made front assembly, short back, good angulation behind, tail set bang on, good feet rare in Mins, in profile he is just so important but he never lacks the clownlike attitude that only a Poodle can have and he can never be overlooked, thrilled to join the long list of people who have given him a CC & BOB, looked stunning in the group"
Lee Cox - Ladies Kennel Club Breed Judge
"This is a great show dog and a fabulous poodle. I have admired him from the ringside on numerous occasions but this was the first time I have judged him.
His head is exquisite, his eye and expression are perfect and he has a strong underjaw. He moves round the ring like a king with typical Poodle temperament and attitude. My tutors taught me 40 years ago that this was crucial for a poodle and I am sure they would approved of Secret Assignment.
This lovely dog is superbly handled and presented and the dog and handler are a great credit to the dog game"

Sigurd Wilberg - Birmingham City Group & BIS Judge 2005
  "I have had the pleasure of judging before, and I am fully aware of his many important wins. Still under four years, with maturity he just seems to get better, and as always stands the closest inspection. The very best of feet, grand head and eye, so well balanced, in good hard fettle, presented in bandbox order, the best os movers coming, going and in profile"
Jean Lanning - Paignton Group Judge 2005
"There are simply not enough superlatives for this utterly beautiful black. Chock full of quality and so elegant with superb outline both standing and on the move, simply a pleasure to handle with firm, well made body, so well balanced in the best of coat and condition. Lovely fine headwith the long leathers, beautiful eyes and expression. His ultra sound free movement is a joy to watch with good reach and drive from behind. Quietly presented with no exaggerations, allowing him to make the best of himself and he did. The greatest of showmen.
CC which, I gather, is his 32nd and BOB. See from the catalogue that he is busily stamping his type as he sired RBCC & others highly placed. I was later thrilled to see him win the strong Group under Jean Lanning"

Jane Lilley - Paignton Breed Judge 2005
  "awarded him a CC when a junior and was delighted to see what a handsome 3 year old he has become. Packed full of breed type and quality, complemented with soundness, movement, coat and presentation of the highest order, he was well up in the final reckoning for BIS"
Ellis Hulme - Border Union Group Judge 2005
"This black is only 3 years but I seem to have known him for a long time! Classy dog in excellent coat and form, switched on showman, impressed posed and on the move, quality head, dark eyes, beautifully proportioned, has that touch of elegance and poise that makes you notice him, superbly handled to look his very best"
Liz Cartledge - Miniature Poodle Club Judge 2005
  "It was a pleasure to judge this lovely dog, at one with his young handler. I can see why he has had such a successful show career. Well constructed, presented to perfection, shows his heart out. Looking at my placings of his progeny he is proving to be an asset to the breed"
Valerie Wright - Birmingham National Breed Judge 05
"A total pleasure to go over and just coming into his prime, He pulled out all the stops and used the big ring to full advantage, it was his day to win this group"
Clare Coxall - Windsor Group Judge 2004
  "Best in Show and winner of the Utility Group, Ch Minarets Secret Assignment, almost 3 years old this black min poodle dog never put a foot wrong, so beautifully balanced & well presented, his soundness in construction & correct angles in quarters all show in his true action on the move, has excellent carriage and consistently shown by his young handler"
"Black on top form, gorgeous head, dark expressive eyes, very good front assembly, topline & tailset, looks stunning stacked and on the move really came into his own"
Ernie Patterson - Belfast Group Judge 2004
  "Hard to fault this dog, so well put together, in fantastic condition both mentally, muscular and coat, lovely head, holds himself together so well on the move both in profile and coming & going, just kept going no matter what was asked of him, I think he is going to top the breed for some time to come"
Philip Landon - Paignton Breed Judge 2004
"In great form, turning in a superbly controlled and thoroughly professional topclass performance, a delight to go over, everything in its place but with no exaggeration, so well balanced overall, linked with a super head & expression & that important attitude"
Mr John Neal - Leeds Breed Judge 2004

"He won by the proverbial mile & was really in a class of his own. He is so reminiscent of the Halcyon days of stunning Mins & were it possible to see him with some of them I know he could hold his own with many of the greats of yesteryear.
I awarded him RPIS at BUBA & loved him then, hoping he would develop that bit in forechest & he most certainly has. For those newer to the breed who need a role model as to what a class Min Poodle should look like, they need look no further. I was delighted to see how wonderful he looked in the big ring & he more than deserved his G2 placing to the winner"

"Second and very close up, was the Miniature Poodle, Ch Minarets Secret Assignment. A well balanced, elegant Poodle with very proud carriage. Most lovely head and expression, well chiselled, good chin, dark alomond eyes and low set ears. Good overall conformation, lovely outline well held on the move. Profuse, dense coat of good texture. Sound, free, light mover with strong drive"
Brenda Banbury - Crufts Utility Group Judge
  "This dog really does command the ring, he is all poodle with his exquisite head, stallion arch to neck, good topline and he uses his well muscled quarters to propel around the ring in style, top this a perfect crisp coat and excellent handling as he was the winner"
Ken Sinclair - Manchester Utility Group Judge 2004
"The Miniature Poodle Ch Minarets Secret Assignment could not be denied the top spot. He is off correct size and proportion, sound and easy mover with no excess lift, but he has the most outstanding head, eye and expression, having length and refinement without either coarseness or weakness. He is made so well front and back with a correctly, slightly hollowed loin, only just two years old, he must be one of the best that I have judged in nearly 25 years of awarding CCs in the breed"
Keith Nathan - BUBA Best in Show Judge 2003
  "A truly outstanding boy and everything that a poodle should be with that added ingredient that I call charisma. So well balanced and constructed with excellent head and expression and moves with faultless precision. What a team he and his handler make. I was delighted to award him the CC and BOB and to see him made BIS made my day"
BUBA Breed Judge Eileen Neal 2003
"I found this dog to be one of the best I have judged lately. Everything about him adds up to greatness - such intense quality and style. Such a good mover. It is going to take a good one to dethrone him in his present form"
Midland Counties breed judge Norman Butcher 2003
  "The highlight of the day was co-judging BOB, the boy being totally outstanding, 'the star of the day'. BOB & ultimately BIS, Ch Minarets Secret Assignment. He must be the most delightful poodle I have ever seen. He completely stole my heart, he is the closest thing to the standard with a natural presence & movement that benefits his construction. Not only has he the most fabulous of heads, but a superb dark eye with a wicked, yet stunningly beautiful expression, all set on a long neck, lovely compact well made body covered by a superbly presented black coat, so balanced & so very elegant, he took my breath away! I was bewitched & could have looked at him all day. A stylish & classic Poodle. I wish he was mine"
Sue Briggs - BOB Northumbria Poodle Club Judge 2003
"An outstanding dog, superb head and expression, dark almond eye, beautiful reach of neck, well laid shoulders, good body, correct tailset, excellent coat expertly presented, short backed, moved with great style, excellent topline both when stood and on the move, a Great Ambassador for the breed"
Martin Freeman - Darlington Utility Group Judge 2003
  "The black Min Poodle, Ch Minarets Secret Assignment J.W, mature & well bodied with tight feet, moved & showed in terrific style, coat preentation & handling by Melanie Harwood were absolute perfection. Melanie was definitely the youngest participant & deserves an extra bouquet for her calm & professional approach throughout - what a talented young lady in step with her dog at all times & they never put a foot wrong"
Liz Cartledge - Pet Plan Junior Stakes Finals Judge 2003
"Runner up was the black Miniature Poodle owned & bred by Melanie Harwood, Ch Minarets Secret Assignment J.W, is so sound & put in a superb performance, well chiselled clean head & sound all through, easy action & put down to the minute"
Stuart Mallard - Pet Plan Junior Stakes Finals Judge 2003

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