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Bred by Melanie
Owned in partnership with Louise Cunningham
DOB: 5.10.13
BVA Eyes Clear : Parents Optigen Tested Normal/Clear

Championship GROUP 4 Winner
BOB Winner
Multiple RCC Winner
#2 Top Puppy 2014

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"I have not seen this boy since he was a puppy & I loved him. Now fully mature I dont think I have ever seen him look better. Glamorous in presentation as I would expect. Loved his size & shape. Masculine head - really typical Poodle expression. Lovely neck to short body. Perfect angles front & rear which enables him to move soundly & accurately. Super tailset & carriage which for me just created the perfect picture & of course perfect handling. He looked every inch the CH he now is (this being his 3rd CC) - long overdue in my opinion. CC & BOB Well done & congratulations to all concerned"
Pat Banks

"well balanced elegant dog with proud head carriage, profuse harsh dense black coat, superb presentation, well handled, light easy mover with planty of drive, quality head and expression with good ear leathers"
Albert Easdon - Group Judge

"completely balanced male in excellent coat and condition, moved with style and drive. Correct tailset, good reach of neck and spring of rib, head and eye framed by well set leathers. CC & BOB"
Andre Odell

"Correct for size and balance, good head, eye and neck, straight front, feet ok, square with well tailored, excellent coat covering a firm, strong body, good tailset and carriage. Covered a deal of ground with ease on the move CC"

Jan McLeod

"really filled the eye with his ultra short body, lovely neck without any hint of exxageration, wonderful headpeice with classical profile and dark well shaped eyes, decent front conformation with correct length of upper arm, super tailset and carriage, well presented jacket, carried himself beautifully and moved with style. RCC"
Dr Andreas Schemel

"I Love this black youngster, full of life and a true Poodle character. Lovely balanced head, dark eye and mischievous expression. Good coat, beautifully presented. Moved with style using his hocks and keeping his topline. RCC & BPIB"
Jean Treagus

at Paignton & District Fanciers Association on the 9 August under Mrs Pat Banks, (Subject to KC Confirmation)

UTILITY GROUP 4 at Three Counties under Karen Walsh & Group judge Bert Easden
CC Winner & Best Of Breed at East of England Agricultural Society on the 10 July under Mrs Andre Odell
CC Winner & Best Opposite Sex at Ladies Kennel Association on 12 December 2015 under Jan McLeod

RCC Winner at Welsh Kennel Club on 21 August under Ernie Patterson
RCC Winner at Birmingham National on 7 May 2016 under Derek Smith
RCC Winner at the Miniature Poodle Club on 17 April 2016

RCC Winner at Welsh Kennel Club in August 15 under Carlos Renau
RCC Winner at Windsor on 2nd July 15 under Dr Andreas Schemel

RCC Winner at Driffield Agricultural Show in September 2014 aged 11 Months
RCC Winner & BPIB at Richmond Dog Show in September 2014 under Jean Treagus
RCC Winner & BPIB at the Trent To Tweed Poodle Club in July 2014 under Sheila McBlain
RCC Winner & BPIB at East of England Championship Show in July 2014 under Marita Rodgers

Further BPIB Awards
Best Puppy in Breed at Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show in August 2014 under Andrew Brace
Best Puppy in Breed at Bath Championship Show in May 2014 under Albert Wight


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