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Pedigree for Vanitonia Yukiko at Minarets
    Jap Ch Smash Jp Grand Prix
Jap Ch Smash Jp Nu Ma Nu Ma Lei
  Am Ch Apex Nauty Lady of Roshil
Jap Ch Smash JP Best Type is Vanitonia - Optigen Normal/Clear
    Am & Jap Ch Smash Jp Final Fantasy
Jap Ch Smash Simply The Best
  Int, Am, Asia, Sup, Jap Ch AsiaW 2000, 2001, 2004 Smash Jp Seiko - Optigen Normal/Clear
  Am, Arg, Int, Las, Vrg.Ch Arg.G.Ch Chasing Ray's Salva
Eng, Jap Ch Smash Jp Rainbow Rider at Vanitonia - White
  Jap Ch Smash Jp The Best
Vanitonia Pick Your Poison - Optigen Carrier
    Dorian Grey's Typoon Over Vanitonia
Vanitonia Vital Statistics
  Shalanka's Steel Magnolia at Vanitonia

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