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DOB: 19.3.07
Optigen Normal/Clear by Parentage


Specialty Best in Show Winner
9 x CC Winner
Group 2 Winner
Mutiple RCC Winner

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"well I’m sorry but I have to say more about this stunning dog, in my opinion he is better than his famous father. Superb head & eye with loads of expression & moulding, long neck, well placed shoulders, deep well sprung ribcage, short back, very well muscled rear used to his advantage, powered round the ring totally in tune with his handler. CC & BOB, am sure his third is not far away"
Nona Catterall

"such a handsome boy, short coupled black, in good profuse coat, good arched neck stemming from well laid shoulder, pleasing head & expression, dark well shaped eye, well set leathers, soundly built throughout, good rib & well muscled quarters, moved with drive"
Jim Outerside

"black with elegance and style, put down to the minute, delightful head & expression, good quarters & tailset, reach of neck, great texture coat & covered the ground well on the move"
Ann Coppage

CC & BOB at Birmingham National on 8 May under Miss J Leivers
CC & BOB at International Poodle Club on 28 March 2010 under Mr Andrew Hoblin

CC & BOB at Ladies Kennel Association on 13 December 2009 under Mrs Joan Porter, also under Paulo Dondina Albert wins...

CC & BOB at Driffield Dog Show on 4 October 2009 under Mhari Aikman
CC & BOB at Paignton Dog Show on 4 August 2009 under Mrs Claire Coxall
CC & BOB at Leeds Championship Dog Show on 24 July 2009 under Mrs Anita Bax & UTILITY GROUP 2

CROWNING CC & BEST OF BREED at Border Union Championsip Show on 21 June 2009 under Mrs Margaret Watson
CC & BOB at Birmingham National on 10 May 2009 under Mrs Nona Catterall
1ST CC & SPECIALTY BEST IN SHOW WINNER at the Miniature Poodle Club on 19 April 2009 under Mrs Beryl Newitt

Best Dog & BOB at Manchester Dog Show on 22 January 2010 under Audre Cornwell

RCC at Driffield Championship Show on 3 October 2010 under Mrs Sue Kent
RCC at Welsh Kennel Club on 22 August 2010 under Mrs Angie Harry-Griffiths
RCC at Bournemouth Championship Show 2010 on 15 August under Mr Derek Smith
RCC at Paignton Dog Show on 2 August 2010 under Mrs Ferelith Somerfield
RCC at Leeds Dog Show in July 2010 under Mrs Penny Jones
RCC at Trent to Tweed Poodle Club on 18 July 2010 under Mrs Dawn Little
RCC at Border Union Championship Show on 19 June 2010 under Mrs Ann McConnell

RCC at Poodle Club of Scotland on 4 April 2009 under Mrs S Hadley-McBaine
RCC at CRUFTS DOG SHOW on 6 March 2009 under Mrs J Heron
RCC at Northumbria Poodle Club on 1 February 2009 under Mrs Sharon Pine-Haynes

RCC at Bournemouth on 11 August 2008 under Mrs Jean Treagus
RCC at Bath on 26 May 2008 under Miss Ann Coppage
RCC at SKC on 18 May 2008 under Mrs Jan McLeod


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